Pierre C. Ehrensperger
CH-3005 BERN

Tel: +41 (0)31 368 07 01

…swiss federal parliament building’s east-wing requires a temporary relocation:
allocation of 4 sites in bern:
architecture and overall project management

…build-up and management of a general-contractor’s architectural-divison in Bern:
my first project from 1973 to 1975

…2 tower-buidlings in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, in cooperation with Egyptian architects,
Lebanese engineers, Corean workers and European suppliers:
as resident-architect and site-manager

…a casino in Juan-les-Pins, France:
project-manager during the feasibility-study

…BAUKNECHT Germany builds in France the biggest European factory for refrigerators:
resident-architect and site-manager, with offices on the site

…renovation and security-project for an embassy and residence in Bern
architect and project-manager

…building costs per project: from Fr. 5’000 to Fr. 50’000’000:
responsible for the cost-controlling

…Napoléon and the Queen Victoria stayed there: this ancient grand’hôtel,
in the inventory of the historical buildings, has completly been renovated in 1985:
promoter and architect

…renovation + wall-sculpture (DDPS, Bern);
new cafeteria + serial of 10 paintings (EJPD, Bern):
art + architecture in one package

…economical study for the financing of the Swiss SIA building-standards
(annual budget: approx. Fr. 10’000’000)
author of the study, leading a team of lawyers, economists and public-relation specialists

president of a court of arbitration with 3 arbitrators,
judicial expertise about the copyright